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The children of Paterson and Passaic are the same as children throughout New Jersey – smart, talented, ambitious and playful. The young children are learning to read, write and socialize with their peers, the tweens are navigating the challenges of middle school and the teens are contemplating their future.


What they lack is opportunity.


Opportunity to learn in a secure, productive environment.

Opportunity to recognize that they are powerful contributors to their community and their future.

Opportunity to understand their world and design their success.


You can keep the doors of opportunity open.


$2,000 provides virtual learning tools for 20 Club Kids

$1,500 sponsors a Club Kid for an entire School Year

$650 sponsors a Club Kid for Summer Camp

$500 provides a week of Healthy Snacks for Summer Camp

$250 provides 25 Kits of art supplies to Club Kids

$100 provides one month of Swim Lessons for a Club Kid

$80 sponsors a child for one week of Summer Camp

$50 provides 5 Backpacks of supplies to Club Kids

Your investment can make the difference.

Invest in Our Club Kids

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