The Boys and Girls Club of Paterson and Passaic owns and operates two main facilities - the Paterson Clubhouse at 264 21st Avenue and the Passaic Clubhouse at 14-20 Hudson Street.  Both buildings feature an indoor swimming pool, full size gymnasium, classrooms, technology center, games room and kitchen.  In addition, we operate 8 satellite sites in Paterson and Passaic Public Schools that provide a full range of after school programming including academic enrichment, fitness activities and learning programs.

Paterson Clubhouse

264 21st Avenue Paterson, NJ 

Unit Director - Krystle Adams

Phone - 973-279-3055 



Dr. Frank Napier Academy

55 Clinton Street Paterson, NJ

Unit Director - Jakera Jacobs


School 10
48 Mercer Street, Paterson, NJ

Unit Director - Zyna Fogle 


School 1

589 11th Avenue Paterson, NJ

Unit Director - Safiyah Floyd


School 18

51 E. 18th Street Paterson, NJ

Unit Director - Melanie Williams 


School 27

250 Richmond Avenue Paterson, NJ

Unit Director - Lavar Moore 


Passaic Clubhouse

14-20 Hudson Street Passaic, NJ 

Unit Director - Jazmin Rivera

Phone - 973-777-7235


School 1

390 Van Houten Avenue, Passaic

Unit Director - Elana Banks


School 3

155 Van Houten Avenue, Passaic, NJ

Unit Director - Anna Castilo


School 19

320 Highland Avenue Passaic, NJ

Unit Director - Erica Kearney


Passaic Clubhouse

14-20 Hudson Street Passaic, NJ 

Intervention Specialist - Ashley Lopez


264 21st Ave • Paterson, NJ  07501  • Phone (973) 279-3055  • info@bgcppnj.org

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