The Boys & Girls Club will be using the Let's Go Learn Platform as well as certified teachers to provide tutoring in math & reading. 

Please Click on the available Saturday & then LGL Assessment where you will be taken to an external link to choose a slotted time.

How it works

The tutoring service consists of certified teachers using the Let's Go 

Learn learning platform, as well as supplementary math and reading resources. Members must choose a Saturday to take an in-person evaluation prior to signing up with our teachers (allow around 2 hours an hour for each portion). You will be sent an email after the evaluation where you can sign up for time-slotted math and/or reading tutoring spots.

Why Let's Go Learn

Let’s Go Learn solutions focus on solving relevant problems that educators and parents encounter. 

  • Why is this student struggling to read?  

  • How do I identify math gaps when they are two or three years below a student’s grade level? 

  • How can I automate remediation for students in reading or math?

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